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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to build a house?
    It can take 90-120 days for slab foundations on average 3000 square foot house and 120-135 days for basement foundations. Larger homes will take more time. It can take longer depending on weather, government codes and permits.
  • What customizations are available when building a home?
    It depends on your builder. Some builders are custom home builders and you can work with their architect to determine the correct plan and/or modifications needed for your family. Some builders allow some customizations such as, paint color, fixtures, room layouts, etc.
  • Does the price of a home include the lot?
    Yes! There are home builders that will build on lots that you purchase. HBAMT is here to direct you to the right home builder for your needs.
  • Does a new home come with warranties?
    Yes, when you purchase a new home it will come with warranties. The duration of the warranty will depend on the builder and will usually include the home and appliances.
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